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BCC Character Design Forum – Submissions Now Open

Brisbane City Council recently hosted a Character Design Forum for residents to contribute to a set of design principles that will guide future extensions and renovations to Brisbane’s traditional ‘Queenslander’ houses.  The forum was organised in response to Council’s future ‘blueprint’ that identifies the protection of Queenslanders as an area that residents wanted to have more say about.

While the forum was held in early November, submissions on how Council should preserve the city’s Queenslanders and other traditional designs can be made until 31 December 2018.

In recent years we have experienced a gradual tightening of rules and interpretations of Codes that address character houses, to the point where the façade, front door, and other parts visible from the street are almost ‘untouchable’.   We urge architects and designers who know first hand the challenges of renovating Queenslanders to submit their views.  We believe it is important that Council fully consider the challenges, implications and costs of renovating Queenslanders for the modern family.

We trust the new design principles reflect the views of residents, architects and experienced professionals in the building industry.  The Codes to date have changed incrementally and protect and enhance built forms in our suburbs.  We are concerned that the changes are seeking higher levels of preservation rather than allowing a combination of preservation and contemporary interpretation of traditional design.

Want more information or would like to make a submission?

More information on the Character Design Forum is available click here .

Submissions on the Character Design Forum can be made until 31 December 2018 by registering and making an on-line submission here.

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