Brisbane City Council Citywide Amendments – Biodiversity

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In June 2016, Brisbane City Council (BCC) proposed it would be amending the Biodiversity provision of the City Plan 2014 intended to reflect changed biodiversity mapping and updated legislation, as well as previous community and industry feedback requiring amendments to overlay mapping.

The proposed amendments refine mapping of the biodiversity areas overlay, align mapping with Queensland Government mapping, change the categories in the mapping, and refine and amend biodiversity-related provisions of City Plan.

This proposed amendments package was publicly notified for community submissions from 18th April to 6th June 2017. Council has reviewed these submission and the draft amendments have now been sent to the Queensland Government for review and approval for adoption into City Plan.

Unfortunately Council do not individually notify owners where amendments are proposed and it is left to you as the land owner to track and understand any changes.

How might these changes affect you?

Council are aware vegetation areas are changing and to increase accuracy have reviewed the biodiversity overlay mapping and seek to protect and enhance Brisbane’s core habitat. One of the key changes proposed in this amendments package is the changes in categories of the mapping. Of particular interest is the removal of the Biodiversity interface area and the introduction of High ecological significance strategic and General ecological significance strategic Biodiversity areas. These new sub-categories and the removal of Biodiversity interface area from this mapping may either further constrain your development potential or free up new development potential. Although less likely, you might find the mapping has changed so your property (or part of) is no longer affected by this Biodiversity overlay.

It is important to be aware of the effect these proposed amendments will have on the development potential of your property. For example, something as simple as a house extension may require obtaining a town planning approval following changes under the new Biodiversity Overlay sub-categories, particularly where there are other overlays on your property, such as Wetlands. Council will also introduce new code requirements ensuring biodiversity is protected and enhanced. This may be in the form of a development footprint plan (formally known as a Building Location Envelope / BLE) or further revegetation to enhance ecological features and/or koala habitat when an application is made. In other cases Council may require you to revitalise and revegetate areas that have been previously extensively cleared.

You can find out if your property is currently mapped under the Biodiversity Areas Overlay by using Council’s PD Online and City Plan interactive mapping. You can view the proposed citywide amendments through Council’s website Proposed citywide amendment – Biodiversity.

Want more information?

We ask that you consider this draft mapping and contact us if you have any queries or are concerned about how these changes may impact your home or the development potential of a property you own. Please contact Doug from our office on (07) 3876 0533.

To view this blog in PDF, click here Brisbane City Council Amendments – Biodiversity

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