Changes to Brisbane City Council Dwelling House Code

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Brisbane City Council (BCC) has recently made changes to their Dwelling House Code and Dwelling House (Small Lot) Code regarding building height. These changes became effective on 1 December 2017 and are intended to clarify the circumstances in which BCC may approve houses over 9.5 metres or 2 Storeys in height.

Since Brisbane City Plan 2014 was introduced, both the Dwelling House Code and Dwelling House (Small Lot) Code have specified a maximum building height of 9.5 metres and 2 storeys for most residential zones as acceptable outcomes.

The December 2017 amendments included additional performance criteria for house applications over 9.5m or 2 storeys. These include:

  • The building height contains a 3 storey component only where necessary to enable a predominantly 2 storey dwelling to address the local circumstances of topography. This is reflective of more recent Council practices that allows for minor 3 storey elements on steeply sloping sites (see Figure a below); and
  • The building height may be higher than adjoining properties only to the extent required to achieve the minimum habitable floor levels required for flood immunity (e.g. raising a house to achieve the required freeboard).









(Source: Brisbane City Plan 2014 Dwelling House Code)

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